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Tesla cuts all but 3 of its 3,400 listed jobs in North America

Shubhangi Goel   

Tesla cuts all but 3 of its 3,400 listed jobs in North America
  • Tesla cut more than 3,400 North American job postings down to just three.
  • The apparent hiring freeze follows a challenging first quarter marked by layoffs and missed earnings.

If Tesla is your dream company, you may have to compete for one of just three listed US jobs.

On Wednesday, the electric-vehicle maker cut more than 3,400 job postings in North America to just three. The now axed roles, which were mostly in California, Texas, and Nevada, were listed on Tesla's official careers page as recently as Tuesday, Quartz reported.

The apparent hiring freeze has come after one of Tesla's hardest quarters. The company went through a wave of layoffs, which CEO Elon Musk described as "hard core," and saw at least six executives leave. In a series of back-to-back blows, the company's first-quarter earnings missed estimates by nearly every measure, it recalled nearly 4,000 Cybertrucks, and it entered a price war with Chinese EV rivals teaming up against the company.

Even the three US roles that remain don't appear to be full-time jobs, although they're labeled as such. They're for Tesla's "manufacturing development program," a seven- to 16-week training program at community colleges in Texas and California that gives applicants an "opportunity to transition into a full-time Production Associate." The Nevada version of the program is marked as an internship and is only four to six weeks, according to Tesla's website.

Tesla revoked summer-internship offers last week, just weeks before start dates.

There are 28 jobs listed in Europe on Tesla's website, mostly in Tesla's Brandenburg Gigafactory in Germany. There are none posted for any other regions.

But Tesla's career page and its LinkedIn don't seem to be in sync.

On LinkedIn, the company advertised 35 openings on Thursday, including the three in the US and the 28 in Europe, but also some roles in the Dominican Republic — these roles have been listed in Mandarin.

The automaker announced it would cut more than 10% of its 140,000 employees in April, but people inside the company told Bloomberg they expected that more than 20,000 people may be asked to leave.

Tesla didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider, sent outside standard business hours.

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