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The AI 100 2023: The top people in artificial intelligence


The AI 100 2023: The top people in artificial intelligence

It may seem like AI emerged in the mainstream consciousness from nowhere. But not everyone is surprised.

For prescient researchers, founders, and others who make up Insider's AI 100, this moment was inevitable.

Even among those who predicted this moment, the speed with which AI has arrived on the world stage has been startling. And it's led to mixed reactions; first, a wave of wonder, followed by a period of deep skepticism.

AI has become a Rorschach test: Ask someone about it, and they'll reveal something about themselves, about how they feel about technology, the economy, and the future.

What's clear is it's here, and the pace of change is showing no signs of letting up.

Insider set out to identify the people behind the AI, those building it, utilizing it, and thinking carefully about its risks.

"The problem is that algorithms aren't the kind of thing that can have accountability — only people can do that. And 'intelligence' is not a good cover term for those concepts, nor a neutral way to refer to this tech," Dr. Emily M. Bender, the University of Washington professor told Insider via email.

Our list includes people who are not only pushing the boundaries of the field but also those who are trying to ensure AI develops steadily and responsibly.

We considered people who were:

  • Successfully reinventing a business model with AI
  • May have had a unique path into this field
  • Tackling "human condition" problems and using AI to make people happier, healthier, etc.
  • Providing checks, balances, and transparency for the industry or particular tools
  • Limiting harms or addressing negative consequences of the technology

The people on our list will likely impact the future of this technology and how it may shape our lives.


Reporters: Monica Melton, Alistair Barr, Rosalie Chan, Julie Bort, Alison Brower, Nathan McAlone, Lucia Moses, Ryan Joe, Hugh Langley, Eugene Kim, Ashley Stewart, Kali Hays, Madeline Stone, Ellen Thomas, Reed Alexander, Leena Rao, Sam Stokes, Madeline Renbarger, Marta Biino, Lara O’Riley, Lauren Johnson, Dan Whateley, Bianca Chan, Amanda Perelli, Ashley Rodriguez, Margret Fleming
Editors: Monica Melton, Alistair Barr, Rosalie Chan, Julie Bort

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