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The Apple Vision Pro is blowing users away during their demos. But there's one issue.

Aaron Mok   

The Apple Vision Pro is blowing users away during their demos. But there's one issue.
  • Techies flocked to the Apple Store on Friday to demo the Apple Vision Pro for the first time.
  • Some were blown away and were almost moved to tears. Others said the headset was heavy.

The Apple Vision Pro hit the market on Friday — and techies who got up bright and early to be one of the first people to demo the mixed-reality headset at their local Apple store are sharing their initial reactions across social media.

At first glance, some appeared to be blown away by the Vision Pro's design.

"She's a beauty!!!!" one Apple Store visitor posted on X, formerly Twitter, along with a photo of the headset. Others posted photos of themselves smiling next to the device.

The excitement grew as Apple Store visitors tried the Vision Pro. During the demos — which are expected to last between 20 and 25 minutes, MacRumors reports— Apple store employees walk testers through its spatial computing system, which overlays digital elements onto the physical world. Employees reportedly help testers navigate apps like Apple TV and Photos.

Some testers seemed to be struck with awe by the Vision Pro's capabilities.

When Jordan Hart, a Business Insider reporter who tried the Vision Pro at an Apple Store earlier Friday, watched "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" trailer in immersive mode, she was floored.

"It felt like a drive-in movie with 360-degree views of the dark wilderness and night sky," Hart wrote in her review. "I never thought about how cool it would be to watch a screen floating over a lake, but it'll be my new favorite way to stream my comfort movies."

Others echoed the sentiment. "Went to Apple Store to do the Vision Pro demo and I can't articulate what exactly I just saw," an X user who goes by Matt posted on the social platform." "Productivity applications are endless but the immersive videos almost moved me to tears," the X user continued in a separate post.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," another X user who claimed to try the Apple Vision Pro for the first time wrote. "This is going to change everything about the world we live in forever."

One Vision Pro tester even recorded their reaction during the demo in real time.

"I cannot believe this is real life," peach.mcintyre, a TikTok user, said in a video. The TikToker continued to express excitement through audible gasps as they appeared to be trying the pinch and hold feature. "I'm still in shock. I want to cry," the user concludes.



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But not everyone expressed total enthusiasm for the headset.

"I lost my vision!" an X user who goes by the name Zac Hall posted, alongside a photo of his glasses on the table. "Unfortunately the store didn't have optical inserts for my eyes, but we did our best with the demo!"

Opinions on the weight of the Apple Vision Pro — which some early testers complained crushed their face — varied.

One tester who goes by the name Destiny Fomo on X wrote that the weight "feels good (for now of course)." BI reporter Hart, however, wrote in her review that the headset was "a bit heavy," and had to adjust it towards the end of the demo to let her face breathe. The TikToker peach.mcintyre appeared to have red lines across her forehead after taking off the headset.

Whether or not those who demoed the Vision Pro in-store ended up purchasing their own, customer interest in Apple's flashy product seems to be strong. Apple reportedly sold around 200,000 Vision Pro headsets since preorders opened, according to MacRumors.

For those who can't justify spending $3,499 on the mixed reality headset, cheaper alternatives like the Meta Quest 3 similar to the Vision Pro are available starting at $499.99.

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