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  4. The Limitless pendant is a new AI device you wear that records everything you hear — take a look

The Limitless pendant is a new AI device you wear that records everything you hear — take a look

Sarah Jackson   

The Limitless pendant is a new AI device you wear that records everything you hear — take a look
  • A new AI gadget clips on to your clothing and records everything you hear in your day.
  • The $99 Limitless pendant became available for pre-orders on Monday; it'll ship later this year.

There's a new entry in the growing AI wearables market, and this one records everything you say or hear.

The AI-powered Limitless pendant, unveiled Monday, can be worn like a necklace or clipped onto your clothing with its magnetic clasp. It's meant to serve as a memory aid by recording meetings and other conversations throughout the day for you to replay later.

The pendant can generate a transcript, real-time notes, and a summary from meetings or other conversations.

While the device is recording, an LED is visible to signal it's recording. Of course, the idea of being recorded might creep some people out, but Limitless says its "Consent Mode" should take care of any issues.

The pendant uses voice identification to "only capture the voice of people who have given consent to be recorded," Limitless CEO Dan Siroker said in the product announcement. He said anything a person says before they give consent isn't recorded. Once they verbally agree, the pendant will start recording what they say. Data from the pendant will be stored securely in the cloud, according to the company.

It isn't clear what happens if more people enter a conversation that the device has already started recording, or if the pendant would record any stray voices that might be audible in the background of a conversation; BI contacted Limitless to ask for more information and it didn't immediately respond.

Also, certain states have different laws pertaining to the recording of conversations — in some states, all parties must give consent to be recorded; in other states, only one of the parties needs to know a conversation is being recorded. It's not clear if or how the laws would apply to this device.

The pendant comes in eight colors and costs $99. It's now available on for preorder, with the first units expected to ship in August.

You can use the pendant alone and get unlimited audio storage and 10 hours a month of AI functionality, including audio transcriptions, notes, and meeting summaries. For $20 a month, you get unlimited audio storage and unlimited AI functionality.

The gadget is WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled, works with USB-C charging, and Limitless said it has a 100-hour battery life.

Some other AI wearables, like Humane's AI pin, have been panned by reviewers; they'll no doubt be keeping tabs when the Limitless pendant comes out.