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TikTok Pro scam – What is it and how to protect yourself from it

TikTok Pro scam – What is it and how to protect yourself from it
  • Scammers are now sharing links of a fake TikTok Pro app to obtain user information.
  • Clicking on the malicious link forwards the message to all the contacts on your phone.
  • If you receive such a message, do not click on the link and just delete the message.
The Indian government recently banned popular Chinese video sharing platform TikTok along with 58 other Chinese apps amid the border standoff with China in the Galwan valley region.

TikTok reportedly had around 200 million users in India. While the ban has led to an increase in the popularity of Indian apps, scammers are also trying to use the TikTok ban in the country as an opportunity to scam users with an app called TikTok Pro.

What is the TikTok Pro scam?

Several users on social media have reported that they have received an SMS or a WhatsApp message asking them to download ‘TikTok Pro’ to enjoy and make TikTok videos again.

“Enjoy Tiktok Videos and also make Create Videos again. Now TikTok is only Available in (TikTok pro) So Download from below.” This message is followed by a link that downloads the TikTok Pro APK file if the user clicks on it.

Some users who downloaded the app noted that the app does not work. However, the app requires permissions for the phone’s camera and the microphone.

While it’s not clear what the app does, it is not an official app and is probably some kind of malware that has been designed to obtain user information.

A TikTok user also reported that once someone clicks on the link, it is forwarded to all the contacts of the user.

The Telangana State Police’s official Twitter account has also posted a screenshot of the message and warned users to beware of cyber crimes.

How to protect yourself from the TikTok Pro scam?

The only thing that you need to do to protect yourself from the TikTok Pro scam is to avoid clicking on the link if you receive the above message. Also, inform all your friends and family to avoid clicking on such links.

Just delete the message and inform the sender that the TikTok Pro app is fake and ask them to delete it immediately.


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