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Tim Cook says it's a 'significant possibility' people use their iPhones less because of AI

Ana Altchek   

Tim Cook says it's a 'significant possibility' people use their iPhones less because of AI
  • CEO Tim Cook said Apple Intelligence may reduce iPhone usage in an interview with Marques Brownlee.
  • Cook said he believes AI will help people complete previously time-consuming tasks in less time.

There's a good chance Apple's new AI updates may result in you spending less time on your device.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said it's a "significant possibility" that people use their iPhones less with Apple Intelligence, according to an interview with tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee released Wednesday.

The CEO said as Apple Intelligence continues to get smarter, previously time-consuming tasks may take less time.

The tech giant announced it will integrate AI into its systems at Apple's WWDC event on Monday. The CEO and other executives detailed a number of AI features that will be available on Apple devices with its latest software.

Some of the updates include a new and improved Siri with better language understanding and text capabilities, integration across apps, systemwide Writing Tools, and a revamped Photos app that organizes photos into different categories.

Apple also announced its partnership with OpenAI, which will allow users to opt into a ChatGPT-powered Siri. The AI chatbot is known to help people be more productive and get tasks done quicker.

Cook added that Apple has never been motivated to have people spend their lives on their devices. The CEO has made similar comments before, saying that people need to focus more on the people in the room with them.

"Our model is not one that needs engagement to succeed," Cook said in the interview. "Our model is one that where we want to empower you to be able to do things that you couldn't do otherwise."

Apple has added several features to the iPhone that raise awareness of how much time consumers spend on their devices and which help make their usage more intentional.

Features like Screen Time track how much time you spend on your iPhone and put it "a bit in your face," Cook said. The CEO said last year in an interview with GQ that he monitors his Screen Time "religiously." The CEO also mentioned Focus settings, which allow consumers to silence their phones or only receive specific notifications.

Cook said Apple is homed in on giving consumers tools to do "incredible things" that they couldn't do otherwise.

"That's what motivates us," Cook said.

Apple did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment ahead of publication.

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