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'Transformative, fascinating': Here's what top executives at Davos are saying about ChatGPT

Cadie Thompson,Beatrice Nolan   

'Transformative, fascinating': Here's what top executives at Davos are saying about ChatGPT
  • Buzzy AI chatbot, ChatGPT, has only been open to the public for a few weeks.
  • The chatbot has been praised and criticized for its ability to create text in a human-like way.

DAVOS, Switzerland — Generative AI has been booming in recent months. So far, the peak of its development has been the buzzy chatbot from OpenAI, ChatGPT.

The updated version of the chatbot has only been open to the public since November but is already dominating conversations in the tech world and beyond.

The chatbot is also creating a buzz at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos. Here's what top executives have been saying:

Jeff Maggioncalda, Coursera CEO

Coursera's CEO said ChatGPT is a mind-blowing "game changer" in an interview with Insider. He said he uses ChatGPT as a writing assistant and blog partner, but acknowledged it still isn't perfect and "is definitely risky" amid ethical concerns.

Maggioncalda said he was impressed by how the chatbot was able to recombine word patterns to create new ideas.

"The first time I sat down in front of ChatGPT, I said 'this is not possible,'" he said.

Rima Qureshi, Verizon chief strategy officer

Qureshi said the chatbot was "the beginning of something" but she expected it to go through a "hype cycle" before it gradually came through with the real applications.

"With every technology, there is good and then there's bad," she said. "I'm a firm believer that in the long run, the good wins out over the bad, but we have to be aware that there are pitfalls with every technology."

Peggy Johnson, Magic Leap CEO

Johnson told Insider she thought ChatGPT was "definitely a transformative technology."

"We look forward to using it as well and have use cases where we're relying on it and we look for more going forward," she said.

Becky Frankiewicz, ManpowerGroup CCO and president

Frankiewicz said the chatbot was "super fascinating" and she had been experimenting with it to write job descriptions.

She added that the technology was still in "a forming phase" at the moment but was excited about its future capabilities.

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