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We asked ChatGPT to analyze Mark Zuckerberg's style. Here's what the bot said he should change.

Jordan Hart   

We asked ChatGPT to analyze Mark Zuckerberg's style. Here's what the bot said he should change.
  • The internet has been buzzing about Mark Zuckerberg's new style choices.
  • We showed ChatGPT some recent pictures of Zuckerberg and asked it to analyze his looks.

Mark Zuckerberg might be going viral for his new style, but ChatGPT has some fashion tips for the Meta CEO.

Zuck has been getting noticed for his refreshed take on the typical "tech industry uniform" of t-shirt and jeans. The CEO was one of the main figureheads of the trope early on in his career, but the 40-year-old is switching it up now.

But is it working for him? To find out, Business Insider turned to ChatGPT for an analysis of Zuckerberg's style. We grabbed a few recent photos from his Instagram and used prompts to get OpenAI's chatbot to weigh in.

ChatGPT is powered by GPT-4o, a large language model trained on data to provide humanlike answers to prompts.

BI also asked a real — human — style expert to answer the same prompts to the best of his ability.

Here's what they both had to say after seeing the 10 photos (and don't worry, we didn't use the viral fake bearded image).

ChatGPT's verdict was that Zuckerberg should work on dressing more appropriately for his job running a company.

"While casual, Zuckerberg's style can sometimes appear too relaxed for a CEO. Introducing smart-casual elements like blazers or stylish jackets could bridge the gap between his very casual and formal looks, providing a more polished appearance while retaining comfort," the chatbot said.

But Reginald Ferguson, men's fashion consultant and founder of New York Fashion Geek, disagreed with ChatGPT and said Zuckerberg is dressed "appropriately for a CEO of his era and industry."

When asked directly about the appropriateness of his style, ChatGPT matched Ferguson's answer more closely.

"Zuckerberg's style is generally appropriate within the context of the tech industry, known for its more laid-back dress codes. His formal attire at events shows that he can elevate his style when needed, aligning with traditional expectations of a CEO," the chatbot wrote.

While Ferguson said Zuck's new necklace choices are "tasteful," it seems like ChatGPT wants him to tone it down a bit with the gold chains.

"In terms of accessories, while the choice of a chain necklace is a personal style statement, opting for more subtle pieces might be more fitting for a CEO, especially in professional or public settings," said ChatGPT.

Zuckerberg's venture into fashion has been the source of viral moments online. His gold chains have earned him the meme treatment, and the billionaire Facebook founder seems to be leaning in.

And this might not be the end of his style evolution, Ferguson said.

"The challenge with Mark Zuckerberg is he's lived his entire adult life in public and came out the gate with a style (no style) that a whole generation of young men followed," Ferguson said.

He continued: "He still has no style, but he's trying, and he and his stylist should be applauded for that."

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