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You can now get an iPad for just $349

Ana Altchek   

You can now get an iPad for just $349
  • Apple revealed the 10th-generation iPad will now be available for $349.
  • The entry-level iPad has a 10.9-inch display, modern bezels, and is offered in four colors.

You can now get a whole lot of iPad for not a lot of money.

While Apple CEO Tim Cook took the wraps off of new iPads and accessories during the company's "Let Loose" event in California on Tuesday, it also announced a highly competitive new price for its entry-level iPad.

The iPad 10th generation is now available for $349 — that's about $100 less than what it came out as in 2022.

Cook referred to the new offering as a "more affordable entry-level iPad with an all-screen design."

The iPad features a 10.9-inch liquid retina display and more modern bezels compared to some of the earlier models. It comes in four colors, including white, yellow, red, and blue.

You can use Apple Pencil first generation and USB-C version and older Magic Keyboard Folio with the lower-cost iPad. It also offers a landscape 12MP Ultra Wide front camera.

The iPad 10th generation is $250 less than the iPad Air and $650 less than the iPad Pro. So what do the more expensive models have that it doesn't?

In addition to larger screens, the Pro and the Air have antireflective coating and the Pro has antireflective coating as well — in addition to its headline feature, an OLED display, with ProMotion. The 10th generation also has an A14 chip, while the Pro has the new M4 and the Air has the M2. This means the Air and the Pro will have faster processing speeds and improved graphics performance.

The Air and 10th generation both have the same camera but the Pro has ProRes as well, which provides better color depth and allows for greater editing capabilities.