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Top Metaverse games to play in 2022

Axie Infinity

Top Metaverse games to play in 2022
  • Metaverse — a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection and extended reality.
  • To play metaverse, a virtual reality headset is essential.
  • Take a look at some of the top metaverse games.
Metaverse is already a hot topic or I should say the buzzword that’s being predicted to be the future. Gamers are always accustomed to the digital world and the metaverse is being said to be the future of gaming. While the gaming industry is still at an early stage of the metaverse transformation, there are several games that can be played to get a digital social experience.

We made a list of some metaverse games that are ready to be played. Here’s the complete list -

Metaverse- a glimpse

Metaverse is a collection of the interconnected digital worlds in layman’s language. It consists of games and several programs that allow you to participate in an online gaming world where you represent yourself with a digital avatar.

Metaverse has a web of 3D virtual environments where you can connect to people globally. It allows you to participate in different virtual activities such as virtual concerts, events, and games.

Metaverse is believed to be the most influential step into the world of virtual reality. Tech giants such as Meta and Microsoft consider metaverse the next wave in computing technology.

To play metaverse games, you’ll be needing following-

Internet connection

You need a reliable and high-speed internet connection to access the metaverse games.

Virtual Reality Headset

The best way to access metaverse games is through a VR headset. Note that some games might require a specific VR headset.

Desktop or mobile device

You will be needing a mid-tier desktop setup or tablet through which you can connect VR.

Blockchain wallet

You will be needing a blockchain wallet if you'd like to play metaverse games that involve the use of digital money or cryptocurrencies then you need a blockchain wallet (Electrum, MyceliumBitcoin paper wallet).

Top metaverse games to play right now

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice
My Neighbor Alice

In this metaverse game, you can cultivate virtual farming plots and islands stewarded by Alice. You also get access to My Neighbor Alice NFTs including animals, houses, plants and many more.

Rec Room

Rec Room
Rec Room

It is another metaverse game that offers a digital world where gamers can socialize and connect with each other. This game has elements of the VRChat game. Players in Rec Room are called Rec Roomers.

Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds is a metaverse game from Meta (formerly Facebook). Users can explore different locations and socialize through interactive puzzles. Horizon Worlds allows players to create their own worlds, customize their avatars and interact with other players.



It is a community-based metaverse game which was released back in 2014. Since its launch, it has made its way into multiple platforms including Oculus Quest 2. In this game, users create their 3D avatars and interact with other players. Players can visit endless worlds which are user-generated. The avatars in VRChat support a full range of motion and it is available free to play.