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The Difference Between Men And Women On Mobile

The Difference Between Men And Women On Mobile

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The Difference In Cell Behavior By Gender (Marchex Institute via Adotas)
The Marchex Institute took a data dive into the various phone habits of men and women. The findings may surprise you:

Men spend more time on the phone:

calls by average duration

Marchex Institute

Males and females call different kinds of businesses:

phone calls based on gender

Marchex Institute

Men call earlier in the day than women:

calls by time of day and gender

Marchex Institute

Perhaps there is no dramatic conclusion here, but men and women do exhibit different tendencies on the phone with businesses. Read >>

Mobile Video Start-Up Consolidation Begins (TechCrunch)
A little consolidation underway in the world of mobile video streaming. Vuclip, a startup that offers mobile video streaming services to across some 200 countries and 5,500 devices, announced that it is acquiring Jigsee, an app platform created specifically to let content publishers create their own mobile video apps. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but to date Vuclip has raised some $35 million in funding, including a $13 million Series D round in November 2012 from SingTel, NEA and Jafco. Read >>

Android Commands Nearly 70 Percent Of The Smartphone Market (IDC via Engadget)
IDC estimates that Google's OS climbed from 49.2 percent of the smartphone space in 2011 to 68.8 percent in 2012.

idc smartphone 2012


The fourth quarter results paint a slightly different picture. Android still had a comfortable 70.1 percent of share, but it took a hit from 75 percent in the third quarter. The iPhone 5 launch helped iOS claw back enough share to hit 21 percent. Read >>

Top Five Mobile Tech Trends Heading Into March (MaaS360)
Here are the top 5 trends expected to gain mobile momentum this month leading into March:

  1. Mad Phone Disease: Watch out for "madware,” an aggressive form of mobile advertising.
  2. The BlackBerry 10: It will be interesting to see the outcome.
  3. Practical Advice for Working on a Device: How to master the mobile tech trifecta (laptop, smartphone, tablet).
  4. Device Manufacturers Embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Trends: How businesses will work to balance the protection of corporate data and personal information.
  5. iPad in the Enterprise: Which tablets become the preferred choice for business?

Amid the device dialogue and announcements, be aware of the topics that will continue to be talked and typed about throughout the year. Read >>

How 4G LTE Is Transforming The Mobile Ecosystem (BI Intelligence)
BII_LTE_ForecastThe dream of digital media at our fingertips has historically been hampered by slow wireless networks and disparate standards. But the entire mobile ecosystem took a big step forward when Verizon, the largest U.S. carrier, launched LTE in early 2010. Modern smartphones are increasingly engineered to take advantage of LTE network speeds. In a recent report from BI Intelligence, we analyze the impact LTE can have on consumer behavior, device preferences, and data usage and pricing, explain how LTE has the potential to add new layers of functionality to entire app categories such as games and maps, and look at the build-out and availability of LTE in the U.S. and around the world. Read >>

Apple Wins Big Government Account (Forbes)
More than 6,000 New Zealand police officers are getting an iPhone after the nation signed a 10-year outsourcing contract with Vodafone. Of those 6,000 officers, 3,900 will also receive an iPad, creating the most lucrative deal Apple has announced since Home Depot announced that it planned to dump BlackBerry for the iPhone. That deal led to the replacement of roughly 10,000 BlackBerry devices, providing Apple with another large order. Read >>

Where Has All The Mobile Malware Gone? (readwrite mobile)

mobile malware


Mobile malware is out there. Android is apparently getting slammed, according to the security firms, but I've yet to meet anyone that has experienced mobile malware, and I bet you haven't, either. Why? Security software vendor ESET predicts "exponential growth of mobile malware" in 2013, coming on the heels of a boom in mobile malware in 2012. Security company F-Secure finds that 79 percent of this new malware is focused squarely on the market leader, Android. So why haven't you been hacked? It's possible that you have been attacked, but didn't recognize it. But if you're living in North America or Western Europe, you apparently aren't the target. Yet. According to ESET, China, Russia and Iran have the highest incidence of malware by far. While mobile security firm BitDefender expects attacks against devices in North America and Europe to increase in 2013, the people infected are largely those visiting the seedier side of the Web, be it porn sites or unofficial app marketplaces. Read >>

BONUS: Mobile Phone Rescues From Valentine’s Day Heartbreak (MobiStealth via socialmedia today)
The infographic below will let you know how your mobile phone can come to your rescue. Read >>

cell phone valentine cupid



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