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15 little-known secrets you probably didn't know about Magic Kingdom

Jenna Clark   

15 little-known secrets you probably didn't know about Magic Kingdom
  • Magic Kingdom is one of the four theme parks at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
  • There are tunnels underneath the park for the staff, and there's a suite inside the castle.

Magic Kingdom is the most popular theme park at Disney World. But its accolades don't stop there.

The park holds the current record for highest annual attendance at any theme park worldwide, with over 17 million visitors in 2022.

Here are some little-known secrets even the biggest Disney fans might not know about Magic Kingdom.

When you enter the park, you're not actually on the ground level

Magic Kingdom's guest-facing areas are not on ground level.

The park was built over a tunnel system known internally as the utilidors. Since basements aren't really a thing in Florida's wetlands, they just built up instead.

Employees use the tunnels to move around the park. Traveling via the utilidors means guests don't see any futuristic-looking staff members in Frotierland.

There's a hidden homage to Walt Disney at the front of the park

If you step inside the Town Square Theater at the front of the park, there's a large mosaic displaying the year 1901 on the ground.

That's the year Walt was born.

You can get a haircut at Magic Kingdom

Guests looking for a haircut or beard trim while on vacation can head to Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street, USA, at the front of the park.

The shop employs state-licensed cosmetologists and offers services ranging from $8 to $28.

Cinderella Castle isn't made out of bricks or stones

Although Magic Kingdom's central park icon, Cinderella Castle, looks like it's built out of large stones, it's actually made from a combination of fiberglass, cement, steel, concrete, and plaster.

Tomorrowland houses the park's fastest coaster

Magic Kingdom's newest coaster, Tron Lightcycle / Run, is the fastest in the park.

The Tomorrowland attraction only lasts 60 seconds, but it reaches up to 59 miles an hour.

You can try the 'grey stuff' from 'Beauty and the Beast'

Gaston's Tavern in New Fantasyland serves a cupcake topped with the "grey stuff."

The treat is famously mentioned in "Beauty and the Beast" in the "Be Our Guest" lyric, "Try the grey stuff, it's delicious. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes."

It's sold all day (while supplies last) and costs $5.79.

Tinkerbell flies 750 feet every night (weather permitting)

If you're watching the nightly fireworks at Magic Kingdom, you'll see Tinkerbell fly 750 feet from the top of the castle (as long as the weather conditions are safe).

During her approximately 34-second flight, she glides at about 15 miles an hour and lands near Tomorrowland.

Space Mountain wasn't an opening-day attraction

Although Space Mountain is an iconic attraction that has become synonymous with the park, it was not an opening-day attraction at Magic Kingdom in 1971.

The popular space-themed roller coaster opened a few years later, on January 15, 1975.

But it is the original version of the ride — the Disneyland Space Moutain didn't open until 1977.

Pinocchio's Village House has tables that overlook It's a Small World

Pinocchio's Village House is a quick-service dining location in New Fantasyland (just behind the carousel).

The restaurants has a couple of tables behind a glass partition from which guests can look out over the loading zone for It's a Small World next door.

Mickey Mouse's iconic sorcerer robe can be found at Town Square Theater

It's easy to miss all the little details when you head into Town Square Theater to meet Mickey Mouse. But if you look in the corner of the meet and greet area, you'll see his sorcerer robe hanging up in a closet.

If you mention the "Fantasia" costume or ask Mickey about it, he might even walk you over and point it out to you.

Magic Kingdom's Club 33 is in Adventureland

Club 33 is a private membership club founded by Walt that gives people special access to park experiences. Only members can access the club's lounges, and prospective members can only apply by expressing interest via email.

There are locations in both Disneyland and Disney World, and the Magic Kingdom Club 33 is located at the entrance to Adventureland near the Adventureland Bazaar.

There's a hotel suite inside Cinderella Castle

Toward the top of Cinderella Castle, there are some small stained-glass windows that look into the castle's private suite.

It was originally designed by and built for Walt and his family, but after his death and years of internal use, it officially opened as a hotel suite in 2006. The room features decorative mosaics, a jacuzzi tub, and space for up to six people.

But it isn't actually available for bookings — no matter how much you're willing to drop on a night's stay. The only people who have slept in the castle are those who've won a contest or were specially invited.

The Walt Disney World Railroad spans 1.5 miles across the park

Magic Kingdom's 20-minute train ride stops on Main Street, in Frontierland, and in Fantasyland.

The full route is 1.5 miles long, and there are four trains named after significant people in Disney World history: the Walter E. Disney, the Lilly Belle (named for Walt's wife Lillian), the Roy O. Disney (named for Walt's brother), and the Roger E. Broggie (named for an original Disney World Imagineer).

There are public electrical outlets near the 'Tangled' bathrooms

Just outside the "Tangled"-themed bathrooms between Fantasyland and Liberty Square, there's a little rest area with some chairs and decorative tree stumps.

But the stumps serve a dual purpose. They house a few electrical outlets for guests to charge their phones or other devices in the parks.

There's only one place to meet the Beast

Barring some kind of special (typically paid) event or a random, unscheduled appearance, Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom is the only place where guests can meet the Beast at Disney World.

There's a "Beauty and the Beast" stage show in Hollywood Studios, but the characters don't have regular meet-and-greets.

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