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3 quiet luxury dupes that can transform your home for less, according to an interior designer

Lauren Edmonds   

3 quiet luxury dupes that can transform your home for less, according to an interior designer
  • The quiet luxury aesthetic prioritizes subtle symbols of wealth over overt ones.
  • An interior designer picked three quietly luxurious items — and lower-cost alternatives for each.

Quiet luxury is one of the loudest aesthetic trends.

The movement first arose in fashion as consumer preferences shifted from logo-covered luxury items toward ones that exude a more understated elegance.

The trend can be hard to spot, but a plain-looking black handbag from The Row that costs a whopping $4,150 and an unassuming cable-knit sweater by Loro Piana priced at $4,200 are great examples.

Less is more when it comes to quiet luxury, which has influenced everything from knitwear to skincare.

It's no surprise that an emphasis on quiet luxury has also entered people's homes. Some ultra-exclusive items aren't accessible for every budget, though. That's where dupes, or lookalike items, come in.

"Honestly, I love them," said Devin Shaffer, lead designer at online design firm Decorilla. "It makes items more universal for people, because a small percentage of the population can go out and buy a Gucci sweater."

Shaffer shared three of his go-to interior-decor dupes with Business Insider. Keep reading to discover how to give your home a lush vibe without breaking the bank.

This dupe of a Neiman Marcus throw pillow will save shoppers $120

Instead of overhauling a space with entirely new — and oftentimes costly — furniture, simply upgrade the space with a few throw pillows, Shaffer said.

Fans of Neiman Marcus' $145 Brera Lino Pillow, which is linen and comes in muted but saturated jewel tones, can get a near-identical look with All Modern's Lombard Wool Throw Pillow for just $25, he added.

Although All Modern's version doesn't include an insert, which has to be bought separately, it comes in six colors and three sizes.

"Love these pillows! They bring a pop of color to the room," read one review on the All Modern pillow.

Shaffer also recommended All Modern's Edgar Square 100% Cotton Pillow Cover for $22, which comes in 21 colors and three sizes.

"The trick with dupes is that you want to go with the same scale and size as the original," Shaffer said. "If it's a 17-by-17 size pillow, don't try to get the same look with a small one."

Le Labo sells a $92 fragrance, but there's a similar version on Amazon for $19

According to Shaffer, home fragrances are key to upgrading any space.

"Fragrance will give you that luxe feel," he said. "It has to be subtle. Nothing overpowering."

Shaffer pointed to Le Labo's Santal 33, an eau de parfum, as one of his favorite scents that people also associate with high-end taste.

Le Labo fragrances are sprayed around some hotels, including New York City's Gramercy Park Hotel, which collaborated with the company to create its signature Cade 26 scent. The company's fragrances are also present across Fairmont hotels, which also worked with Le Labo on several products.

The company also sells Santal 26, a warm and musky fragrance sold as a home diffuser oil.

Although Le Labo sells its one-ounce santal diffuser oil for $92, the Doratelier Store on Amazon has a similar 0.33-ounce bottle of santal for $19.

"Makes your house smell like a luxurious spa," one person wrote in their review.

Home Depot's frameless LED mirror costs nearly $200, but shoppers can get a similar mirror at Bed Bath & Beyond for less

Shaffer told BI that people hoping to achieve an elevated feel at home can also upgrade their mirrors.

Frameless mirrors that can be lit from behind or within can make any bathroom feel like it belongs in a fancy hotel.

Home Depot offers a full-length frameless mirror with LED lights for $189. The mirror has three color light modes and can be mounted to a wall.

People looking to save money can turn to Bed Bath & Beyond, which still sells products online after shuttering stores last year. It sells an anti-fog vanity mirror with dimmable LED lights for a little less: $162. This version also offers three color light modes and can be mounted to the wall.

"Dupes don't have to be an exact duplicate," Shaffer said, adding that homeowners or renters should feel free to draw inspiration from multiple sources.

"It can be an inspiration, like, 'Oh, the Kardashians used this pillow in this Instagram post,' Shaffer said. "You might be at Target and find a pillow that looks similar."

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