There's a secret Uber VIP program - here's how you become a part of it


There's a little-known perk that regular Uber customers can unlock.


Once you take 100 rides, you become an "Uber VIP."

Here's what it looks like when Uber emails to notify you of the distinction:

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What are the perks of being a VIP customer?


When you open your app, you see a VIP option along with UberX, UberBlack, and the other Uber features available in your city. When you select it, you'll only be given drivers with 4.8-star ratings and "high quality cars."

Uber VIP isn't an option that's available everywhere - it's only available in certain geographies like New York City, Washington DC, and Denver. It's market-specific nature may be why the company doesn't advertise it like its other features.

A VIP trip costs the same as a normal UberBlack ride. Unfortunately, Uber says, there are fewer VIP cars on the road - presumably because the quality is higher, and you're getting only the top-tier drivers - so you may be stuck waiting a bit longer for your car.

Aside from better service, there doesn't seem to be much upside to Uber VIP. It's a loyalty program for its customers that might remind you of Uber's earliest days as a company, when the service was marketed as a way for people to feel like "ballers" when they needed a lift.

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