Zomato and TikTok come together to spread the message on food wastage

Zomato's Hunger Heroes at the food drive
  • Zomato to celebrate its 11th anniversary has partnered with TikTok.
  • TikTok creators and Zomato’s Feeding India conducted a food drive.
  • The food drive was held in 86 cities across 11 countries.
Indian foodtech unicorn Zomato partnered with video sharing platform TikTok. Zomato, which is celebrating its 11th anniversary, had recently acquired Feeding India, a not-for-profit organization that aims to end hunger issues and food wastage problems in India.

Zomato ran a food drive to serve one lakh meals a day and TikTok creators too contributed to the cause.

“Our long-held mission of ‘better food for more people’ empowers us to target food wastage from different sources and direct them to less privileged parts of our society. This food drive was an opportunity for each one of us to live our mission,” said Durga Raghunath, Senior VP, Growth, Zomato.


The food drive organized by Zomato was conducted in a total of 86 cities across 11 countries: India, UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Turkey, Philippines and USA.

“This partnership is a testament to TikTok’s commitment as a responsible technology company by giving a platform to its creators to express themselves to a global audience and spread positive messages on the platform,” said Sachin Sharma, Director- sales and partnerships, TikTok India.

More and more Indian brands have been leveraging TikTok as a messaging partner. Recently, Kerala government too had partnered with TikTok’s travel campaign.