10 cheap eats that New Yorkers actually love


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This secret sauce launched a food cart and restaurant empire.

The great thing about New York - the thing that makes it the best food town in the world - is that the same people who'll spend $900 for a meal at Masa will also stand in a snaking line for an $8 chicken sandwich.

Our hunger for the exotic, the daring, and the artery-busting is so great that it's spawned a whole new landscape of cheap eats. 

Joining the ranks of the $1 slice and the pastrami sandwich are crave-worthy bites like matzo meal-crusted fried chicken and sustainably caught Maine lobster rolls.

Keep scrolling for our list of the 10 cheap eats that New Yorkers crave, from the perfect square slice to a taco that'll make you drool all over your keyboard.