12 Quotes That Take You Inside The Mind Of Billionaire Mavs Owner Mark Cuban


Mark Cuban always seems to come out on top.


His first job was tending bar in Dallas. Then he took a gig as a computer salesman. He was fired - and he realized he "was never going to be a very good employee."

So he started his first company, MicroSolutions, which he sold for $6 million.

He did even better with his next company - about 1,000 times better. He founded Broadcast.com and sold it to Yahoo for almost $6 billion.

Almost immediately, Cuban sold all of his Yahoo stock netting $2 billion in cash for himself. Weeks later, the market crashed.


Since then, Cuban has continued to work and invest. He owns the Dallas Mavericks and a cable channel, plus he's all over the media - taking bites out of would-be entrepreneurs on ABC's pitch show "Shark Tank" and lighting up the conference circuit.

Cuban is known for saying what other people only think. Here are some of our favorite quotes.