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13 mind blowing facts of the business world

13 mind blowing facts of the business world
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The world of business is not just statistics, crunching numbers and Q4 results. It is full of crazy CEOs, bizarre campaigns and shocking calculations. Hidden behind the at-times boring economic forecasts and earnings reports are box full of amazing facts.

Are you ready to blow your mind with these shocking facts of the business world? Business Insider compiled some of the awe inspiring facts with the help of Quora.
1. In response to the polluted breathing air in China, millionaire Chen Guangbiao began selling fresh air in a can, going on to sell eight million cans in 10 days, and earning $6 million in a year.

2. The red and white Coca-Cola logo is recognized by 94% of the world’s population.

3. Apple’s iPad retina display is actually manufactured by Samsung.

4. Amazon employees spend two days every two years working at the customer service desk — even the CEO — in order to help all workers understand the customer service process.

5. In the year 2012, the 100 richest people in the world earned enough money to end world poverty four times over.

6. The world's largest package delivery company UPS was founded by two teenagers with a bicycle and $100 borrowed from a friend.

7. "Yahoo” is an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.”

8. Though it is best known for its smart phones and other electronics, Samsung’s other business areas include weapons manufacturing, life insurance, and theme park management.

9. If you have $10 in your pocket and have no debt, you are in a better financial position than 25% of the American population.

10. In 1999, Google’s founders were willing to sell the company to a web portal called Excite for under $1 million. However, Excite passed on the offer.

11. In 1974, FedEx was on the verge of bankruptcy. It was saved when the founder took the last $5,000 of the company's assets and turned it into $32,000 by gambling in Las Vegas. Today, FedEx is estimated to be worth $30 billion.

12. If the U.S. were to eliminate their $1 paper bills and replace them with $1 coins, it could save up to $4.4 billion over 30 years, according to a Government Accountability Office report.

13. Ronald Wayne, also known as the third founder of Apple alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, sold his shares for only $800 after 12 days working with the company. His stake, which was 10% of the company, would be worth $35 billion today with Apple's current valuation.

(Image credits: Quora, indiatimes)