20 mind-bending photos of 'Human Chameleon' Liu Bolin


Liu Bolin

Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters

Work from Bolin's recent piece "Dongji."

Chinese artist Liu Bolin has an amazing talent. He can blend into any surroundings he chooses, making himself, or his subjects, practically undetectable to the human eye.


Bolin, known to many as the "Human Chameleon", decorates the body and clothes with color, painting himself and his subjects into the surroundings, making them almost imperceptible at first glance. He sees his work as a type of political protest, and a way of hiding from the authorities.

In a recent work titled "Dongji (Winter Solstice)", Bolin took a political stance on the environment, commenting on the air pollution crisis happening in China.

His work has been exhibited all over the world and can be seen in his book "Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man." Bolin has shared his recent works with us, courtesy of Liu Bolin Art Studio and Klein Sun Gallery. We've combined those photos with others taken by Reuters photographers.

Christian Storm wrote an earlier version of this post.