2017 is the year of Machine Learning. Here’s why

2017 is the year of Machine Learning. Here’s whyMachine learning is maybe the most sweltering thing in Silicon Valley at this moment. Particularly deep learning. The reason why it is so hot is on the grounds that it can assume control of numerous repetitive, thoughtless tasks. It'll improve doctors, and make lawyers better lawyers. What's more, it makes cars drive themselves.
Is machine learning approaching its end? What we are seeing now is a humble beginning.

Here are the 3 trends to keep an eye out for in 2017

Machine Learning and cloud

The provisioning of Cloud-based IT services was a decent stride to make Data Science a mainstream activity, and now with Cloud and bundled algorithms, moderate sized smaller businesses will have entry to Self-Service BI and Analytics, which was till now just a fantasy. Additionally, the mainstream business clients will progressively play a dynamic part in data-driven business systems. Machine Learning Trends – Future AI claims that more ventures in 2017 will capitalize on the Machine Learning Cloud and do their part to campaign for data technologies.


If you’re attempting to discover a killing AI app, the increasingly pervasive nature of the technology will make it hard to recognize. Be that as it may, Machine Learning has started to convey stupendous results in particular niches where the pattern recognition capabilities can be exploited, and this trend will keep on expanding into new markets in 2017.

Smart Machines

If the danger of intelligent machines assuming control Data Scientists is truly as genuine as it is made out to be, then 2017 is presumably the year when the worldwide Data Science community should investigate the capabilities of alleged smart machines. The rehashed failure of autonomous cars has made one point clear – that learning machines can't outperform the natural thinking resources provided by nature on human beings. If autonomous or independently directed machines must be valuable to human culture, then the ebb and flow Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning exploration should concentrate on recognizing the limits of machine power and dole out tasks that are suitable for the machines and incorporate more human interventions at fundamental checkpoints to avoid disasters.