32 stunning photos that take you inside the dangerous, deadly, and never-before-seen world of Nicaraguan lobster divers


The Spanish Lady, Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua

Josh Wolff

Crew members of The Spanish Lady haul in a boat, 50 miles off the coast of Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua.


A massive blizzard slammed the US in mid-February 2007. The day after the storm abated, I sat in my apartment, logged onto Kayak, and began considering my options for an upcoming weeklong vacation.

I settled on Nicaragua, but little did I know that what began as a backpacking trip would eventually turn into an award-winning documentary film project covering one of the most dangerous industries on the planet: commercial lobster diving. The five-year project would bring onboard film producer and cinematographer Brad Allgood and cinematographer Isabelle Carbonell.

This is the inside look at life onboard a real-life lobster boat.