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46 companies where the interviews don't suck

46 companies where the interviews don't suck
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You may actually enjoy interviewing at these places.

Interviewing for a job is rarely fun and almost never easy. But some companies make the experience more tolerable than others.

Jobs website Glassdoor just released its inaugural Candidates' Choice Awards, which recognizes employers with the highest percentage of job candidates who have reported a positive interview experience over the past year.

To determine the winners, Glassdoor relied solely on feedback from recent job candidates who shared their experiences and rated their interviews on Glassdoor. To be considered for the list, a company must have received at least 100 interview experience ratings from job candidates over the past year and each company's positive interview experience percentage must have met or exceeded that of the average company on Glassdoor - which is 54%.

"For job seekers, this report helps them identify companies at a macro level with the best interview experience, according to job candidates - those who have actually gone through the process," says Scott Dobroski, a Glassdoor spokesperson. "For employers, this report really helps them because it shows them, by industry, where job candidates report a positive interview experience. Employers can use this to see a company's interview experience and better understand what job candidates are saying about them, and compare it against their own interview process, and identify where improvements can be made."

Here are the top companies in 46 different industries: