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5 challenges all salespeople face - and how to fix them

5 challenges all salespeople face - and how to fix them
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Salespeople are faced with challenges on a daily basis - that's simply the nature of the business. What sets great sellers apart, though, is how efficiently and effectively they handle those challenges. And fortunately, they don't have to fight the battle alone. Thanks to the rise of the digital, there are tools to help salespeople accurately identify their biggest challenges, as well as the steps necessary to overcome those hurdles. Here are five common challenges salespeople face - and how to tackle them.

1. Not enough time in the day to get organized

Though face-to-face interaction is a great way to build relationships and engage with clients on a personal level, the fast-paced nature of the business requires salespeople to constantly shuffle from one meeting to another. This leaves very little time in the day to spend at their desks to get organized and to reflect on their strategies. Using external tools like IBM Expert Seller with Box Platform, salespeople can consolidate all of their important documents and presentations in one easily-accessible place, allowing them to stay prepared - even on the go.

2. Lack of clear internal communication

The constantly shifting sales landscape means that salespeople need to stay fully informed on all updated information. Missing out on timely information can be the difference between closing the deal and falling short. Fortunately, there are content management systems available that allow salespeople to subscribe to specific "tags" that will immediately notify them when managers upload new content, keeping them up-to-date on topics that are relevant to them and their clients.

3. Getting constructive feedback about their performance

It's important for managers to empower their salesforce and give them every opportunity to continue to increase productivity. Oftentimes, that means going beyond team meetings and other traditional tactics and, instead, turning to tangible performance metrics that can be digested more easily. The Usage Analytics feature in IBM Expert Seller with Box Platform allows for just that, providing weekly analytics-driven reports that highlight the most useful content based on seller activity, allowing managers to increase their team's efficiency.

4. Making genuine connections with clients

To make a lasting impact, it's important for salespeople to develop personal relationships with clients and make them feel comfortable. Instead of reverting to simply describing the products and services they offer, sellers should first try to be relatable and understand clients on a personal level, which can eventually lead to a strong business connection. Just as importantly, salespeople need to be able to stand out from their peers. There are mobile apps available that allow users to put all of their client-facing sales material in virtual briefcases that can be accessed offline. The material can then be presented via Airplay in a more immersive manner. This decreases the overall amount of time a seller needs to learn essential info while preparing for client meetings.

5. Managing client expectations after winning the business

Keeping client expectations in check boils down to eliminating any potential confusion and keeping an open line of communication. Sellers need to communicate consistently with clients and address any issues that arise immediately. They should work collectively with clients to set measurable goals and timelines, and actively listen to what clients are trying to articulate. The general rule of thumb is to set realistic expectations while still leaving room to go above and beyond to leave a lasting impression on a client.

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