5 services to use while travelling abroad

5 services to use while travelling abroad
Every travel has as much fun attached to it as the hassle of planning. From planning places to visit, clothes to pack, making that must-have list and ensuring everything is there, what flights to catch, cabs to hail to what airports to navigate, every trip is has this much brain hammering thing to do. When everything is in place and you land up at your destination, bigger problems attack you, survival problems. These become worse when you travel abroad.

Do these chores scare you from planning a long trip? Don’t be. Here are 5 services at hand which one can use while travelling abroad. Travelling was never this hassle-free before.

1. XE currency:

You don’t have to calculate ten times to ensure your expenses are correct. One can calculate and make conversions instantly using this app.

2. Allergy Alert:

For travellers who are always scared of taking a trip due to their allergies here’s Pollen.com to the rescue. The app details both weather and allergy forecasts, noting the levels of specific types of pollen found in your locale so you can prep for the day ahead.

3. BECK Friends:

Now you can earn while travelling. You can place a request on their platform to send a parcel anywhere on the globe and someone travelling on that route will deliver it for you. The sender and traveller can mutually decide the cost of delivering the parcel.

4. Couch Surfing:

If you are a solo traveller this is the right app for you. Couchsurfing helps you find a host who lets you stay for free. All you need to do is cook a meal for your host.

5. G3 wireless:

This gives one of the cheapest international cell phone services. Be done with your expensive international calls now!

(Image credits: indiatimes)