5 things you didn't realize about Warren Buffett, according to his daughter


warrenbuffett03 hbo classroom


Warren Buffett speaks to a classroom of young people in the HBO documentary "Becoming Warren Buffett."

Very few people know the richest man on earth, billionaire Warren Buffett, more than his daughter, Susan Buffett.


She takes part in a portrait of the financial genius, HBO's "Becoming Warren Buffett," which premieres Monday at 10 p.m.

In the documentary, Susan, who was named after her mother and goes by Susie, provides a lot of intimate details about her parents, growing up in the family's Omaha home, and what drove her father to give away a large chunk of his fortune to charitable causes, including her children's charity, the Sherwood Foundation.

But despite Warren's reputation for being frugal and highly opinionated about how one invests money, Susie said finances were rarely spoken about in the Buffett home. In fact, she had no idea how rich her father was until her late-teen years.

"My parents never talked about money. They didn't fight about it at all, either," Susie recently told Business Insider. "It was nonexistent, really, except that my brothers and I got a weekly allowance. We never got the lessons I think some kids get - you know, you can spend this much and you should save the nickel or whatever. None of that went on."


In fact, Susie said that there are a lot of unique aspects of her father that people often get wrong.

Here are five misconceptions about Warren Buffett, according to his daughter: