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5 tips to improve your rapport with your boss

5 tips to
improve your rapport with your boss<b></b>
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What comes to your mind when you think boss? The word ‘boss,’ which more often than not is believed to have a negative connotation, is considered to be a synonym of feelings such as angry, annoying, and unreasonable among many others.

But ever wondered what does it feel to have a great working relationship with your boss? And how easy life would be if you shared a great rapport with your reporting manager. BI India lists down a few simple tips that can help you improve your relationship with your boss.

In her shoes

Well, this 2005 Curtis Hanson film’s title fits our first tip for you. Ever wondered what is it to be in your bosses’ shoes? Imagine, the kind of decisions you would have to take, had you been in the position. Do you get that feeling of empathy now? Well, that is exactly what V Suresh, executive vice president and chief sales officer, suggested.

“Treat you boss the way you would want your team to treat you. Try and understand his position in a matter before passing a judgment. Once you do this, you will have a better understanding of your boss’ working style and can have better relationship with him,” he said.

Focus on facts

Suresh advised that whatever he tells you, take it as its face values and do not pay heed to what your peers are telling it is best to focus on facts rather than on opinions and interpretations of what your boss said. “A lot of times, a subordinate tend to over-analyse and interpret whatever his boss tells him. This is not right. you,” he added.

Communicate often

Its always best to meet your boss in person on a daily basis. Go to him and strike up a conversation – be it formal or informal. Suresh noted that an employee should not restrict his communication to just emails. “ Keep the communication channel open. And always talk to him directly. It should not happen that you are communicating through a third person with your boss,” he averred.

Keep shut in his absence

When your boss is not around, it is advisable to not speak about him. Any team head welcomes feedback. Hence, ensure that you talk about him only when he is around. For you never know, how it may be conveyed to him.

Appreciate him

If you want to talk about your boss, speak well about him. If rumors can reach, so can your appreciation. Once, you remember this mantra, you may end up enjoying a great bond with your boss! At the end of the day, a boss too is a human and is bound to make mistakes.

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