5 simple tips to land a job post sabbatical

simple tips to land a job post sabbatical
Taking a sabbatical has become quite common these days. Sometimes, sabbaticals are taken to pursue academic ambitions or at times, they are taken for personal reasons or for health issues. While taking a sabbatical may seem to be a wise idea, one usually does not realise that finding a job post a sabbatical is a Herculean task especially when you belong to the middle or the senior level. Thus, BI India lists down 5 simple but crucial tips to remember before you hit the job market with your CV post break.

Set your own terms and conditions

“Do not be okay with whatever comes your way- you are approaching the market from a position of weakness –and therefore shortchanging yourself in the process. Play on your strengths and inherent interests, be in terms of the role or the industry,” said HR specialist Savitha Gaekwad, managing partner of Antal International Network, a recruitment firm that specializes in mid to senior level hiring.

She added, “Here is an opportunity to get into roles you like if you are willing to wait it out. Also it will give your prospective employer the assurance that you are not fishing and are genuinely interested in the role and organization.”

It must be remembered that when you apply for a job on your terms and conditions, it becomes easier for you to negotiate your remuneration as well. It is always advisable that you do a bit of research and know what is the industry’s best before you pitch your salary expectations.

“Am still thinking whether or not I should come back”

Such a statement reflects a confused state of mind. It also reflects the indecisiveness of the job seeker, which can prove to be fatal in an interview.

“This is simply not acceptable – Approach prospective employers only once you have decided to move back to a formal career and what kinds of assignments you would be willing to accept. Be cognizant and respectful of the time and effort the employers put into the hiring process. Let it be a fruitful one,” Gaekwad noted. She advises such candidates such candidates to first discuss their plan with their family to understand what impact it will have on the other spheres of their lives.

Be in touch with your ex-employers

Recruitment experts suggested that its always wise to be in touch with your former bosses especially if you had a smooth sail there. “If you liked your role in the past organization you worked with and are sure that you would rejoin work in a fixed period of time- stay in touch with your employer-hiring managers. A lot of progressive organizations now have alumni groups and associations on social media where they connect with past employees and post upcoming assignments. One of these may click for you,” said Gaekwad.

Be ready with ‘References

When hiring for a senior or a middle level positions, employers seek references that are testimonies to your work. “At all times for critical roles, niche assignments at the senior level – the prospective employer will ask for references from the past organizations. Once you decide to pursue an assignment -speak to past reporting managers, bosses, colleagues to request for references,” she averred.

Networking is the best policy

In the day and age of internet, networking with the people in your industry has become crucial for sustenance. Keep in touch with your old colleagues, attend the relevant events to meet your potential employers. “Know what’s new and trending in the industry. Read and research voraciously on all that you missed,” stated Gaekwad.
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