6 parameters to see where you stand in the admission race of World's Best B-schools

6 parameters to see where you stand in the admission race of World's Best B-schoolsHow can one get into an Ivy League college is often a mystery for MBA aspirants. Everyone applying to these colleges wants to know what is it that these schools will be looking for in their applications.

CrackVerbal, a test-preparation training and admissions consulting company, seems to have the answer to the question that plagues every MBA aspirant looking outside the country. The firm boasts of having helped students in getting into some of the World's Best B-schools.

Apart from classroom and online programs for GMAT and GRE preparation, CrackVerbal’s admissions consulting wing helps candidates work on their application process for top MBA and MS Programs in countries such as USA, India, and the UK. Based on these experiences, Crackverbal has listed six categories that you can use for a reality check.

If you have these, there are high chances of you making into one of the Ivy League B-Schools. Read on:

1. Good academic record
Judges assess whether you can handle a rigorous curriculum. This is usually gauged by your grades, GMAT/ GRE, and the reputation of your undergrad university. They want to make sure you can handle the rigor of an extremely demanding course load.

A typical student at Harvard has a consistently good academic record throughout his/her life. Also his/her GMAT score would typically be higher than 750 as the average for the school is around 730.

2. Work Experience
Judges see how employable you would be post your MBA. This is usually gauged by where you worked, your progress in the company's hierarchy, and the diversity of your responsibilities.

Typically a top school such as Harvard Business School would want a very high pedigree of employer. The typical “feeder companies” (companies from where most of the incoming class comes) are companies that have a very selective recruitment process such as Goldman Sachs, Google, McKinsey, and Amazon.

3. Leadership Potential
Panel sees your potential to reach the peak of your career and whether you can donate millions to your grad school. This is gauged by your leadership roles in college, the initiatives you took at your place of work, and your history of excellence.

A top MBA candidate at Harvard would have typically done exceedingly well in both his personal and his professional career. He would have done so by going over and beyond his circle of concern by taking ownership.

4. Uniqueness
How well can you learn from your peers is another parameter you will be judged on. This is gauged by how unique you are.

A top MBA graduate would bring personal stories from which (s)he would have learned. This could be something unique about your upbringing - maybe you come from a vernacular medium. Or it could be something unique about your family background - maybe your father was in the army.

5. Focus
Remember, your passion, determination and how motivated you are to succeed in life are key factors that can get you inside Harvard. This is gauged by the story in your application essay and the diversity of your profile.

Most applicants to a top MBA program such as Harvard, Stanford and Wharton would be in the top 5% of their peers in terms of achievement. They do so by pursuing only things they are passionate about. Instead of doing multiple things without an interconnect - a top MBA graduate would have a few things he/she would have pursued for a long time.

6. Self Awareness
It is perceived through whether you know your shortcomings and strengths and hence are able to utilize your abilities to the maximum. This is gauged by the content in your essays.

Harvard does not want 800-lbs gorillas with high GMAT scores but zero social skills. They have realized that people who are very successful in life, are people who are in touch with themselves. They know their strengths, and how to leverage them. They know their weaknesses, and how to mitigate them.

So, if you qualify this test, go ahead abd apply in the Ivy League Colleges with confidence because you have got it in you!