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7 crazy habits that drive successful millennials

7 crazy habits that drive successful millennials
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If you are the so called Narcissist born in 80s or the selfie fanatic of the 21st Century, you are possibly one of those who are always pointed for your carefree or self gratifying attitude by your previous generations.

However, despite all the allegations and accusations there is no denying of the fact that the millennials, as this awesomely proactive population is called, are also among the most successful ones that the millennium has known. But what makes these “digital natives” the smart workers and triumphant youths despite the overwhelming challenges of the modern era? Read on to enlighten yourself on some of the surprisingly crazy habits of the successful millennials around you.

They go by Steven Covey’s 7 Habits
It was not by chance that Steven Covey compiled his 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. Of course, the habits have proved to take individuals to unprecedented heights of success, if you follow them rigorously to the core. And prosperous millennials have shown their penchant to stick to the 7 habits closely. Whether it is being proactive or knowing one’s priorities, aiming to win or synergizing and constantly sharpening and honing one’s skills they are strong in their minds not to rest till they grab the utmost out of a situation. Just as our very own young and vibrant Mark Zuckerberg advises the youths, “Be proactive rather than being reactive.”

They have no qualms to work throughout the day
Millennials are workaholic and they don’t mind being hooked to their mails all the time. Even when they are home relaxing in front of the television they tend to take peeks every now and then into their mail box. No doubt they take work as a key to tread the path of success. And what’s more they are multi tasking mavens as well juggling between myriad kinds of work with aplomb.

They doze for hours
Highly successful millennials know what exactly can give them the much desired boost. They ensure that they make time out for a minimum of nine hours of sleep. Sleep indubitably recharges and rejuvenates your body, mind and soul and millenials consider sleep the right way to up their working potential. You may even catch them indulging in some sinful siestas in the afternoons on the weekends.

They possess the Entrepreneurial Enigma
Millennials go gaga over the concept of being the boss of their own world. They have the streak of entrepreneurial exhilaration in their brains pushing them to don their innovative hats and get down the alley of success with something which they can call their own. Being a maverick is their passion, doing things out of the box is what they aim to. No wonder, successful young millennials embark on ventures that have not been thought of by anyone before and have the confidence to emerge victorious.

They love Hopping
We mean to say job hopping of course and while the previous generations would not take this as a very good gesture or a key to success, millenials take it at their stride and just plunge in to take chances. This does not mean they are against being loyal like the Gen X individuals. But just as their inherent passion for work and success speaks they would go any extent to be at the topmost pedestal of the ladder, notwithstanding changing jobs every year. They do not see it as being disloyal, rather the change endows them with opportunities galore to learn, adopt new techniques, adjust to newer environments and grow.

They are like Babies
Just because they are crazy about their success meter, do not take the millennials to be hard hearted fellows. Because, while they may not think twice before switching from one job to the other, they require constant appreciations and accolades for the hard or rather smart work they put in. They ensure to put their best foot forward in every venture they undertake, however, treat them with condemnation or deny them the plaudits they deserve and they will feel the pinch in their hearts instantly.

They are Hard Core Techies
Of course, this comes as no surprise since they are born with the digital spoons in their hand and have adapted to the technological advancements with ease. Technology is their biggest weapon and you bet, that they just know how to utilize it to the fullest for their success.
Millennials may not be experts or perfect people but they surely believe they are and that’s what makes them individuals who have the caliber to take the whole world under their reign.

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