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7 ways how to have a calm mind under stress at work

7 ways how to have a calm mind under stress at work
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As the founder of the Inspired Leaders Network in London, I worked with the top leadership teams of major Fortune 500 corporations including IBM, Morgan Stanley, Shell, Amazon, Barclays Bank and several others. I was a workaholic go getter who was laden with the four chronic virtues of stress, high BP, diabetes, hyper tension, thyroid and hormonal imbalance.

I was in the ‘DO’ race and winning it. Stress was good, I thought. Greater the intensity the more efficient I felt. But was I effective?

Whilst I was mentally strong, I was disconnected from my emotions and what I truly wanted for myself. Like a robot, I was doing what was expected of me.

This continued until the growing hollowness within me became bigger than the glitzy bling of achievements. I stopped and asked, WHY am I doing this? WHAT do I want to do next? My mind just went blank, I could not think of a single thing I wanted for myself.

Had I lost myself somewhere in the ‘DO’ race? WHO am I? WHERE did my dreams and desires go?

At that very moment, I made my first conscious choice; to live an extraordinary life with ease grace and joy. A life where all aspects of my life can coexist. I did not know how to do this.

I created a plan of 7 steps I would take every single day for twelve months and as I did this, my world transformed!

1. Avoid autopilot default: We are constantly ambushed by the decisions we make at a subconscious level that become an autopilot saboteur, causing dysfunctional repeat patterns that derail us from our path. Once I discovered this trap, I was able to rise above it and make a different conscious choice and my life blossomed.

2. Living from Source: This is a unique mastery that we are each born with. By falling in the trap of the autopilot we forget our own mastery. Our life becomes a reactive experience. In every interaction I started asking myself, how can this be in service of my Source. In no time at all, I was in my mastery and living and growing through this experience.

3. Relationship with money: We each have our own relationship with money and this limits the amount of money we have. This causes frustrating interruptions in the flow of prosperity.

4. Truly Madly Deeply: Being so in love with who we are, all aspects of ourself, allows us to feel whole and complete. In this state we magnetise relationships that are fulfilling and become joyful co-creators of enriching experiences.

5. Embrace your personality: I invite you to look at yourself in minute detail and find those aspects of you that you feel are beautiful. Acknowledge yourself for these and embrace these aspects of you. When we do this, as if by magic all issues and problems that we may be faced with at that point in time disappear. It is a sad truth that we constantly seek validation outside of ourselves. Its only when we seek it within us, that we become magnets, drawing and attracting the love that matches our frequency.

6. Match the Vibration: What occurs in our life is a vibrational match to our own vibes. I created a whole bag of tools to consciously shift, uplift my vibrations moment by moment. By focussing only on lifting my vibrations, I saw the world around me transform, again and again.

7. Live your passion 'now': Be aware that whenever you drop dead, there will be some things you are satisfied about and some things you are not. So choose one thing you will stop tolerating each day. As you do this, you will experienced the miraculous shift ease and grace in anything you work on. This is a powerful choice that will mitigate stress.

By this process, I started actually living the life I desired. Soon, my health ailments disappeared and I started experiencing bliss, where all day was work and all day was play.

My life had meaning, I was transforming quality of life for myself, my colleagues and for the world.

I was busier than I had ever been, yet very balanced, centred, connected and filled with joy.

I could finally, 'BE"

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(About the author: This article is authored by Mynoo Maryel, who is a global thought and spiritual leader guiding world leaders and global companies alike)