A Birchbox executive used these 5 habits to become a morning person


A Birchbox executive used these 5 habits to become a morning person


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Brad Lande

Brad Lande is the head of Birchbox Man.

From college until my early 30s, my morning routine felt oddly similar to pulling teeth.

Most days, it went something like this: an alarm, a series of snoozes, a stumble to the shower, a stop at the mirror to fix my hair, and a hasty exit.

I always paid attention to how I presented myself, but mornings were little more than a necessary evil.


Since then, my life has undergone some dramatic changes, and my routine has followed suit.

I co-founded and sold a tech startup, going through a tremendous amount of stress in the process. I took the advice of a dear friend and attended a weekend retreat on meditation. I started a new career as the VP of Birchbox Man.

I got engaged and was reminded that life is short, and love is always better when you share good habits and values. I bought a house with my partner in upstate New York, surrounded by organic farms and local food.

These experiences helped me realize that all the little things - the ones I deemed insignificant - could have a major impact on my health and well-being.

With that said, here are the five things I do 365 days a year. I did not arrive at them overnight. I discovered them along the way, and they have shifted my mornings from a sleepy blur to a clear awakening.


1. Hot Water With Lemon

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning has dozens of health benefits. It helps fight infection, lowers blood pressure, cleanses the liver, and rejuvenates the skin with Vitamin C.

2. 20 Minutes of Meditation

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed for twenty minutes. I practice Vedic meditation myself, and this regular practice has made my mind calmer, more alert, and ready to handle anything the day may bring.

3. 5 Tibetans

This is an ancient system of yoga exercises that I run through in 20 minutes or less. Peruse this illustration or video for instructions.

My partner and I share a love of our yoga teacher ShivaRam, who taught us these exercises, and we perform them together each morning.

4. PLANT Face Oil

I know it seems counterintuitive, but trust me. A face oil will regulate your skin's own oil production, resulting in a matte, healthy complexion.


I've had the pleasure of trying hundreds of skincare products since becoming the head of Birchbox Man, where we deliver a personalized box of gear and grooming essentials to guys for $20 a month. This is all natural and one of my favorites.

5. Morning Smoothie Made in 5 Minutes

Here is my favorite recipe: coconut water, banana, blueberries, kale, bee pollen, almond butter, and ice. Treat yourself and buy a Vitamix!

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