A Temple In China Reportedly Charged $19,470 To Light First Incense Stick For The New Year


lighting incense sticks

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

January 31st marked the Lunar New Year, and this is a time when many flock to temples and light incense and pray for the new year.


China News, cited by Chinascope, reported that a temple in Zhejiang Province used this opportunity to jack up prices for the chance to light the first incense. The temple reportedly charged $19,470 to light the first incense.

It's believed that lighting the first incense will ensure that their wish comes true.

From Chinascope:

China News carried an article about a phenomenon that took place on the eve of the Chinese New Year: tens and thousands of people lined up outside of Buddhist temples overnight to fight for the opportunity to burn the first incense while making their New Year wishes. At the same time, the temples grasped at the chance to raise the price. It was reported that, this year, one temple in Zhejiang Province priced the first incense at 118,000 yuan (US $19,470). Due to overcrowding, numerous accidents have occurred each year, causing security concerns. In Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, the police force was called in to guard people's safety. The article said that people carry misconceptions and are misled by the belief that the first incense will make their New Year wishes come true.


We hope the top bidder got his/her wish.