A developer has a genius way to turn the Apple Watch into a video game controller


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Developers are starting to imagine more inventive ways of using the Apple Watch.

Indian game company Rolocule has teased an update to its bowling game for the Apple TV that lets the Apple Watch act as a Wii-like motion controller.

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The game runs on a paired iPhone and uses Apple's AirPlay technology to display the experience on a nearby Apple TV. Players had to previously hold the iPhone as the controller, but thanks to an update to the Apple Watch's software due later this year, Rolocule can tap into the Watch's accelerometer for motion tracking.

Called Bowling Central, the game will be updated with Apple Watch controller support alongside Apple's watchOS 2 software update later this year. For now, Rolocule has discounted its price from $2.99 to free, added dozens of new levels, and included local multiplayer support for up to four players in the same room.


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