A report has suggested Uber to undertake 47 steps to turn around its culture. This may impact India operations too

In a bid to drive Uber past its series of scandals and transform itself into a kinder, gentler company, former US Attorney General Eric Holder has given it a roadmap.

Uber released the report from Holder and his private law firm that was based on their months-long investigation into harassment, discrimination, and retaliation at the company. The report recommended 47 steps the company should take to turn around its culture.

The recommendations focus on four key themes: trust, transformation, accountability, and the 'tone at the top'. Already, Uber's board has agreed unanimously to follow the suggestions, and CEO Travis Kalanick has taken a leave of absence, allowing the company to start with a blank slate.

Now, these 47 recommendations are going to impact India as well.

Kalanick’s decision to take a leave of absence comes days after Emil Michael, who was senior vice-president of business, and Eric Alexander, who was heading the Asia-Pacific business, left.


Michael had a key role in driving investments into the company's India operations. They anticipate that Uber's aggressive growth drive in India and other international markets will be scaled back until the company can sort out the crisis before it, mostly related to its culture.

Based on the report, Uber will spend more on the HR, the behaviour of managers, etc.