Anant Ambani’s trainer reveals the workout routine and diet plan that led to the epic weight loss

Anant Ambani’s trainer reveals the workout routine and diet plan that led to the epic weight lossAnant Ambani’s epic weight loss is astonishing and reads like a story out of a before-and-after weight loss advertisement.

But it was not as simple as it sounds. From weighing 208 kilos to 100 kilos now, a staggering loss of 108 kilos and that too within 18 months, reveals the amount of hardwork and dedication a person has put in to get back into shape.

For Anant, the journey wasn’t easy, as coupled with bad eating habits, medical issues, he had to make some serious sacrifices, but for good, of course.

His trainer Vinod Channa is to be applauded for the astounding weight loss. Channa, who is a celebrity fitness trainer and has trained John Abraham, Shilpa Shetty, among other Bollywood stars, says Anant has everything a person needs to achieve his/her goal.

“Anant Ambani’s body transformation was a team work. This is not only done by me but it was effort of Anant and Dr. Andre Chimone as well. In my 22 years of career, I have never seen a person with so much dedication,” said Channa.


So, what was the Anant’s schedule like, including his fitness training and diet? Anant focused on yoga, cardio, strength or functional training.

“During the first phase, we focused on his nutrition which included protein, low carbs, fibres, etc. We started walking from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on his capacity. For resistance training, we added supporting equipments like leg press, chest press. Initially, the workouts were low on intensity as he was unable to do high sets, high reps due to his medical issue and body balancing problems,” said Channa.

Speaking about the diet, Channa had put Anant on a strict diet, consuming only 1200 calories in a day.

“His diet includes lots of vegetables, sprouts, cottage cheese, lentils, pulses and half teaspoon of ghee. This was the only diet he had stick to. His calorie consumption in a day was 1200 -1400 calories,” the trainer said.

Well, we all have our weak moments and Anant is also a human after all. When asked about his weak moments and if he thought of giving up, Channa said ,“Sometimes he used to expect that he needs to lose certain gram of weight everyday, which is not possible every time. His lifestyle, like late nights and hormonal changes and lot of other issues made him gain 200-300 grams due to which he felt de-motivated at times. He would be very tensed about his workout and diet routine. He wanted a diet plan that would make him lose weight everyday, which is impossible,” said Channa.

But, we all know he did not give in and Anant displayed to the world his slim avatar.

“Anant was aware what he needs to do and where he needs to reach. He was dedicated and strict with his diet which is very difficult for an individual who has a past of over eating and junk food,” said Channa.

Channa advised Anant to be positive and eat right at the right time.

“I also used to give him break diets so that he felt motivated for regular workouts also. Workout sessions, with time, became fun and enjoyable for him,” said Channa.

Now since the secret is finally out, you know where to head!