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Meet the guy with a serious agenda to make every man look good

Meet the guy with a serious agenda to make every man
look good
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Back in 2012, Akshay Narvekar’s personal need for a one-stop online platform which could customise his shirts drove him to build Bombay Shirt Company, India’s first online custom shirt brand.

He decided it was time that the country and its men have a platform where they can customise their shirts which are made-to-measure. Someone’s size should be of little consequence.

Narvekar had enough of consuming readymade brands which do little to help you express one’s personal style. Many a times these shirts don’t even fit, properly.

That’s primarily the one thing he set out to change with Bombay Shirt Company.

“BSC started with the belief that everyone should be able to wear a custom-made shirt- one that allows them to express their individuality and at the same time reflect the latest sartorial trends,” Narvekar admits.

To ensure that the above is fulfilled, he says that the brand is constantly innovating with fabrics. A curated yet vast selection of on-trend fabrics to choose from which can be made to fit to absolutely anybody’s size does sound too good to be true, to be honest.

But, Narvekar’s confident smile and a growing list of loyal customers are evidence to the fact that it is very real.

For someone whose life revolves around creating customised shirts for people, how important does he think the role of well-fitted shirt is in someone’s life?

“Very important- considering I started a business around it,” he laughs, adding “But, in all seriousness, I feel that a good shirt makes all the difference in the world. It gives men a sense of confidence and comfort.”

But certainly, getting such a shirt is bound to be an expensive affair? Narvekar tells me it’s actually the opposite.

“When I started Bombay Shirt Company, the idea was also to prove that custom-made doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. By selling directly to customers, we cut out on the middle men and thus pass the savings to the customer. It doesn’t matter how much you’re customising your shirt- we guarantee that there are no extra charges. With BSC, we intend to make made-to-measure accessible,” he adds.

Besides being customised and affordable, Narvekar’s company also redefines convenient- owing to the brilliant integration of offline and online shopping experience- a detail many businesses takes years to perfect.

In 2012, BSC started out only as an online-affair that is, you could choose the fabrics online, key in your measurements and instructions and make payment. Your shirt would then be delivered to you in the next week or so. But, now the brand has a solid offline presence as well- with two stores at Bandra and Kala Ghoda in Mumbai.

“So, now you can either place your order on our website or visit our stores or book an appointment with our travelling stylist who’ll pay you a visit at your home” Narvekar explains.

That’s not all. The brand has also recently launched a Shirt Simulator in their stores, which basically lets a customer choose their customisations on screen and also allows him to virtually try the shirt on- which takes away the ambiguity of how the shirt would look like after all the customisations.

And, with frequent collaborations with designers, rest assured Bombay Shirt Company will ensure that you own the trendiest one-of-a-kind shirt.

The best part? It’ll hardly cause a dent in your wallet.

The prices for shirts start as low as Rs 1940.

So men, what are you waiting for?

Pick and choose your style, your fabric, your cut (slim fit or a little roomy)- then pick your combination of print, cuffs, collars, buttons and more, so that the shirt you create is unique to you. Personalize it with your initials and have your perfectly fitted shirt delivered to you at your doorstep. Let’s go!

Remember, you accept the shirt you think you deserve.

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