Camera shootout: The 'Goliath' $720 Galaxy S8 versus the 'David' $480 OnePlus 5


oneplus 5 vs galaxy s8

Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

When it comes to smartphone cameras, no one should expect a four-year-old startup like OnePlus to realistically take on a tech behemoth like Samsung, but OnePlus puts up a seriously good fight.

Yes, the Galaxy S8 is still the king of the smartphone cameras, but it's also a phone with a starting price tag of $720. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 5 costs $480, and I'd be happy to capture memories, vacations, and everyday shenanigans with the OnePlus 5 in my hands with an extra $240 in my pocket.

See if the Galaxy S8's superior camera truly warrants the extra $240 you'd spend over buying a OnePlus 5:

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