FBI: A Chinese Hacker Stole Massive Amounts Of Intel On 32 US Military Projects


F-35 stolen plans


An alleged stolen and translated F-35 document

A Chinese entrepreneur was arrested in Canada at the request of the FBI for allegedly hacking into the networks of various defense contractors and stealing gigabytes of military intelligence, Darren Pauli reports for The Register.


Su Bin and two Chinese-based co-conspirators allegedly hacked into Boeing's internal network and networks of other defense contractors in the U.S. and Europe between 2009 and 2013.

In an email to his alleged co-conspirators, Bin said he wanted to help China "stand easily on the giant's shoulder's," The Register reported.

Bin allegedly stole data for 32 different U.S. projects, including data related to fifth-generation fighters the F-22 and the F-35, as well as Boeing's C-17 cargo plane. U.S. authorities believe Bin and his colleagues tried to sell the stolen intelligence to state-owned companies within China.

According to a criminal complaint filed by FBI special agent Noel A. Neeman, Bin stole 220 megabytes of data related to the F-22 and an additional 65 gigabytes of data on the C-17.


This is not the first time that hackers associated with China have been accused of stealing sensitive military documents. China is currently developing a new fifth-generation fighter that is believed to have been modeled after stolen F-35 plans.

Chinese hacking often serves to boost the country's economy, as hackers steal trade secrets related to nuclear power, metal and solar product industries, and defense technology.