Founder Of 'Ship Your Enemies Glitter', An Evil Way To Irk Your Enemies, Is Begging People To Stop Using His Service


ship your enemies glitter

Ship Your Enemies Glitter/Screenshot

The founder of the website is now begging people to stop using his service.


Mathew Carpenter, who created the site, desperately posted on Product Hunt last night: "Hi guys, I'm the founder of this website. Please stop buying this horrible glitter product - I'm sick of dealing with it. Sincerely, Mat."

The service is simple. For a mere $9.99 you can ship someone you (presumably) hate a heaping pile of glitter in an unmarked, anonymous envelope.

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The unlucky recipient will tear open the envelope and voilà! They are blanketed in a cloud of glitter which, as we all know, is impossible to get rid of. The glitter is even packaged with a note for "maximum spillage."

Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover described Ship You Enemies Glitter as "the ultimate troll product."


Unfortunately, the troll is now on Carpenter who is forced to work overtime to maintain his breakout hit.

By midday yesterday, Ship Your Enemies Glitter had made the top of Product Hunt and been shared on Facebook over 80,000 times. "Enjoy your walk to the postal office," a friend of Carpenter commented on his Facebook page.

As thousands of orders poured in, the site snowballed on Reddit. "Within 24 hours a thread had nearly 3,900 upvotes and well over 1,000 comments," Nancy L. Miller at Fast Company reports.

Naturally, the site crashed under the weight of so much attention.


"One of our websites is going viral. Can you please increase our resources?" Carpenter tweeted at his hosting company.

By 7:51am Wednesday morning, a little over 24 hours after its inception, Carpenter tweeted that he was ready to be done with it all.

"ShipYourEnemiesGlitter with 1m visits, 270k social shares, $xx,xxx in sales, tonnes of people wanting to order. 24 hours old. For sale," he said. "Glitter everywhere."