Here's What Happens When You Have A Competitive Gamer Running Your Push Notifications


Sometimes the people who develop video games are as competitive as the people actually playing them.


And it seems like a developer behind the game "Simon Circles" got a little feisty this week.

"Simon Circles" is a game that "challenges your dexterity and speed," according to its app store description. You tap on circles in the order shown.

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When you download "Simon Circles" from the App Store - much like with other apps - it gives you the option to receive push notifications. This can range from new content you can download, to reminders, and even deals on in-app purchases.

The developer behind "Simon Circles," though, took the power of sending push notifications to a whole new level.


Reddit user Time_Wasted_Me shared a screenshot of a push notification he got from the game.

It reads, "Bro seriously? You cheating?" And then about 15 minutes later, it says, "We would like to apologize for our developer Chad, who has been sending push notifications to players that beat his high score."

Nice one, Chad.

You can download "Simon Circles" for Android and iOS.