Here's how much time people spend on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger every day


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Reuters/ Shannon Stapleton

People are spending nearly an hour every day scrolling through Facebook status updates, liking Instagram posts, or chatting on Messenger.


Globally, people spend more than 50 minutes a day across Facebook's suite of apps (not including WhatsApp), the company announced during its blockbuster Q1 earnings.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly how much that number has swelled over the years.

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The last time Facebook updated us on time-spent stats was July 2014, when it said that people in the US spent over 40 minutes on the main social network every day.

In July 2015, analysts at Needham estimated that global users spent an average of 20+ minutes just on Facebook every day.


This new stat is global and across Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook.

Facebook also said that its number of ad impressions increased 50% this quarter, and that its average price per ad increased 5%.

To compare Facebook to another app that seems to suck up attention, Snapchat recently said that its worldwide daily active users spent between 25 and 30 minutes a day on the app.

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