I installed an Amazon Echo Dot in a car and it was the best infotainment system I've ever used


Echo Dot in a car

Cork Gaines/Business Insider

That's an Echo Dot in a car.

When Amazon put the Echo Dots on sale for $35 during Prime Day, my reaction was probably like a lot of others: "Should I buy another Echo, and if I do, where would I put it?"

Then, with a little help from a funny moment involving my six-year-old daughter, it hit me  - Why not put an Echo Dot in my car!

Sure enough, I ordered another Dot, installed it in my car, and so far it has turned out to be the best $35 I have spent in a long time.

Below I will walk you through how I installed it (it's easy), what I use it for (just about everything), and why it is the best car infotainment system I have ever used (it turned out to be better than I imagined it would).