Maruti Suzuki’s Indian Sales Explode, Grow By 27% In August

The auto sector is coming out of the slump. Easy EMI and good company plus dealer discounts could be the defining factor here. After a good July 2014, Maruti showed strong rise in sales in the month of August 2014 too. The auto major’s sales grew by 26.9% in this month over the same month last year.

Maruti Suzuki India have sold 1,10,776 units of cars in the month of August 2014, this was at 87,323 last year during the same month. Maruti got a boost in the small hatchback segment with decent sales from Wagon and Alto series. However, super strong dealing of mid segment hatchbacks such as Ritz and Swift saw an up rise by 53.2%.

Exports played a major role in Maruti Suzuki’s good performance as well. Exports were up by 10.3% year on year. So does this mean good fortunes of the company have returned? The coming months should be good for most auto manufacturers in India including Maruti. The festive season is knocking on the doors and should enable the auto makers to sell some more of their cars. It will be interesting to see how Maruti Suzuki does in the month of October.