Now use your voice to operate your ICICI Bank account!

Now use your voice to operate your ICICI Bank account!In a unique initiative, ICICI Bank has launched a voice recognition service in which customers will be able to make transaction using their voice.

Under this, customers won’t have to use any password and based on their speech patterns, people would execute banking transactions through the bank's call centre.

"Their voice will now act as the password for banking transactions through the call centre," said the bank in a statement said, adding that the service is secure.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Chanda Kochhar said the decision to invest in this new technology was primarily driven by the objective of enhancing the everyday banking experience of the customers.

Kochhar added the customers using smartphones find it difficult to enter the 16 digit card number and the 4 digit PIN with accuracy, which increases the risk of account blocking.


The technology solution works on voice prints, which comprise over 100 characteristics, including voice modulation, accent and pronunciation, which are impossible to imitate, the statement further read.

The voice print is stored and matched whenever the customer calls from the registered mobile number.

(Image: Reuters)