Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks suggest a dual camera and a fix for one of the biggest drawbacks of the Galaxy S8


A leak of a case render for the Galaxy Note 8, spotted by Android Headlines, reinforces rumors that the Galaxy Note 7 successor will have a dual-lens camera and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.


If the leaks are accurate, it looks like the Galaxy Note 8 could borrow several design cues from Samsung's Galaxy S8, including ultra-narrow borders around the display and rounded display corners.

Galaxy Note 8 Render Case leak

Android Headlines

Leaked renders of the Galaxy Note 8 in a case show dual camera and a better location for the fingerprint scanner.

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It also looks like the Galaxy Note 8 will be Samsung's first smartphone with a dual-lens camera system. So far, several smartphone makers have adopted dual-lens systems, including LG, Apple, and OnePlus.

It's not exactly clear what role the second lens on the Galaxy Note 8 would take, as not every dual-lens camera system does the same thing. For example, LG's dual-lens camera lets you take ultra-wide angle photos, while the iPhone 7 Plus and OnePlus 5's dual-lens cameras are used for features like Portrait mode and optical zooming.


The leaked renders also reinforce previous rumors that the Galaxy Note 8's fingerprint scanner will be mounted on the rear, next to the camera. Thankfully, it appears that the fingerprint scanner will be mounted further away from the camera than it is on the Galaxy S8, Samsung's latest flagship device.

galaxy s8 fingerprint scanner (1200 wide)

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

The Galaxy S8's fingerprint scanner is too close to the camera.

If the leak is accurate, the Note 8's camera flash will sit between the camera and the fingerprint sensor, which would fix one of the main issues with the Galaxy S8's fingerprint scanner location.

Indeed, the placement of the Galaxy S8's fingerprint scanner was unpopular among reviewers, as it's hard to distinguish the fingerprint scanner from the camera module with your finger. My colleague Steve Kovach, who reviewed the Galaxy S8, said "It couldn't be in a more awkward place. I constantly found myself fumbling for the sensor, which resulted in smudges on the camera lens." Consumer Reports had a nearly identical sentiment regarding the Galaxy S8's fingerprint scanner location.

I also found the Galaxy S8's fingerprint scanner to be problematic for a similar reason. I found that using a case with a groove around the fingerprint scanner helped me find the S8's fingerprint scanner more easily. Yet, the groove on Samsung's silicone case is so deep that only a portion of my fingertip could reach the sensor, which often proved insufficient for the scanner to read my fingerprint and unlock the S8.


As with all rumors and leaks, nothing is 100% certain until Samsung itself announces the Galaxy Note 8 and all its features. We expect Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 8 in October, which is when Samsung usually announces its Note devices. Some reports suggest Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 8 earlier in September.

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