The amazing life of model, socialite, and Danish aristocrat Caroline 'Fleming' Luel-Brockdorff




Caroline Fleming née Luel-Brockdorff is one of Europe's richest socialites that hails from Danish royalty.

However, the model aristocrat's net worth of over $400 million (£265 million) doesn't just come from her family, it also comes from another type of royalty - the Flemings.

Ian Fleming was the author and creator of the phenomenally popular James Bond franchise and she made a mint from a divorce settlement from his nephew Rory Fleming

While they divorced in 2008, she still goes by her married name Caroline Fleming because she had to renounce her Baroness title when she married a non-royal.

Despite her inherited wealth, she has built a lucrative brand for herself as a TV personality and model. She bills herself as "mother and entrepreneur" on her Instagram. 


But judging by her role in the reality TV series "Ladies of London," her socialite days are far from over.

Business Insider UK decided to take a look at the incredible life of Fleming through social media and previous interviews.