This Business Card Is The Stretched Hummer Of Business Cards, And I Got It At Davos

Check out all the business cards I picked up last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

2015 01 29 10.12.22Nicholas Carlson/Business Insider

One was the very best. It was from a man named Evan Luthra. It's the thick gold one on the left.

2015 01 29 10.12.48Nicholas Carlson/Business Insider

Truly, Luthra's card was the stretch Hummer of business cards. Note how it describes Luthra not with some lame job title like "Director/SVP" or "CEO" but as an "innovator."

Ultimate Business CardNicholas Carlson/Business Insider

On the back, it describes his firm, the EL Group, as an "award-winning firm." His phone number is his name!

Ultimate Business CardNicholas Carlson/Business Insider

But all that is just the chrome on this puppy. Here's it's real special feature:

2015 01 29 10.09.07Nicholas Carlson/Business Insider

That's right. It's a USB drive.

2015 01 29 10.09.55Nicholas Carlson/Business Insider

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