This Indian startup is using drones to capture the beauty of the country and it's absolutely stunning

This Indian startup is using drones to capture the beauty of the country and it's absolutely stunningHow a walk through the corridors and lawns of India’s beautiful monuments symbolic of its rich heritage can leave anyone speechless, is evident from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s recent visit to the Taj. His Facebook status said it all. Imagine then, that if looking at the beauty of our monuments from the ground is so captivating, what would it feel like if you were to hover around them like an eagle and witness them from the sky. If you could fly away and look back to see its majesty from above, not below. Wouldn't it be an absolutely stunning sight?

It's like catching a glimpse of India Gate when onboard a flight. But that's still thousands of feet above the ground where almost everything looks like ants moving on the ground. I am here talking about a bird eye view from just a few meters above that lets you fit full scenes of India’s beautiful monuments and the lush green fields and settlements surrounding it, in one sight. Sounds unreal, right?

No, the government is not gifting us Cessnas obviously! But, it’s true that you can still savor the delight of watching the historical gifts India has in a way you must have never seen before, thanks to ILNB productions - an aerial photography and video company based in Gurgaon.

ILNB (that stands for 'India Like Never Before') is living up to its name. It is capturing the beauty and vastness of not only several Indian heritage sites, but also the scenes of commercializing cities, using drones. Their videos take you on a journey over highways, majestic buildings, rural villages to give you a taste of India, its society and culture. The idea is to show people a breathtakingly beautiful India. A number of these masterpieces are available on its YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram.

We bring you one of them that is a compilation of high resolution and stunning pneumatic shots to create a mesmerizing journey over Qutb Minar, Lotus temple, Tughlakabad fort to different areas in the Delhi NCR region, from the sky. Check it out:


They also believe in highlighting some of the problems that India faces. Here's another one that shows the traffic chaos in the country and a few startling facts on it:

(Image credit: ILNB)