This app by an ex-IIT Delhi graduate is what every asthma patient needs this Diwali

For Namita Gupta, it was a difficult decision to continue staying in Gurgaon after she returned from the US back in 2014. She found it difficult to spend her days here owing to the rising pollution levels in Delhi-NCR.

It was as difficult for her daughter too who is an asthma patient.

The concerned mother started thinking of returning to the US till another idea struck her. She developed an application ‘Airveda’ to help monitor air pollution levels. It can be downloaded from Google Play.


All you need to know is to select the applicable region, and the app will read from the nearest pollution monitoring station and display it. It will let you track the pollution in a given area at a particular time so you can plan your activities better.

Gupta, who has worked for 12 years at Facebook and Microsoft, claims her daughter was miserable during winters in 2014, but she is better with the use of Airveda because of constant monitoring of air pollution levels.

It would help Gupta decide whether she could send her daughter out to play or whether she needed a mask while going to the school in the morning.

She is now working on installing air monitors across different cities and has one installed outside her residence on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon.