Tom Ford wants you to wear the Apple Watch like an old-fashioned pocket watch


Tom Ford is betting big on the success of the Apple Watch by putting a new twist on an old affectation.


The most innovative aspect of his new Tom Ford Spring 2016 collection is by far his Apple Watch chain accessory.

Though the gadget is meant to be worn on the wrist, as it has complicated underbody sensors that measure things like your heart rate, Ford has instead stuffed it in the pocket of a waistcoat with a chain extending from it. Hey, no one said fashion had to be practical.


New York Times reporter Matthew Schneier first spotted the gadget accessory during the recent London Collections: Men spring 2016 shows. It appears Ford created his own hook that slides into the slot where the watch band usually sits. That's where the chain, which otherwise operates as a traditional pocket watch chain, is attached.


Ford is known for reaching into the depths of menswear history and bringing back souvenirs.

It didn't quite work in the case of his tab collar shirt - which he offered up for James Bond - so it'll be interesting to see if the designer can bring this bygone accessory back in the age of digital wearables.

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